Quick Overview of Car Wax

September 21st, 2020 by

Waxing cars has been a major auto detailing step since forever. Superficially speaking, car wax just makes your ride look shiny and new. However, it has benefits that go beyond superficial, according to the techs at our BMW Seattle service department.

Car Wax Protects Your Car
Car wax is water repellent. Road spray and rainwater are major sources of contaminants and pollutants. These substances can erode your cars paint job and clearcoat. With car wax applied, polluted road spray and rainwater never soak in, settle or challenge the integrity of your clearcoat. Car wax also smooths out the gaps in your clearcoat, giving it a much more pristine, even look and shimmer.

What Does Car Wax Contain?
Car wax contains oils, solvents and organic or synthetic wax from such sources as carnauba plants, palm trees, coal or silicones. Oils and solvents give car wax its signature spreadable texture. For optimal long term results, our BMW Seattle service department recommends having your car waxed at least every four months or seasonally.


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