Learn More About Gaskets With This Helpful Info

August 25th, 2020 by

BMW Seattle wants all drivers to be informed when it comes to basic automobile care and maintenance. Gaskets are found on all cars and trucks, and some vehicles have 100 or more of these parts. Here are a few things about gaskets you need to know.

A gasket is a small component that is molded to fit a specific space between movable and stationary car parts. Most gaskets are made from either rubber or stainless steel. Some are rigid while others are flexible. The purpose of a gasket is to create a tight seal that prevents fluid or lubricant from leaking out.

It can be hard to tell when a gasket is worn. Signs could include a new leak, thick white smoke from your exhaust, or a loss of fuel economy and performance. Worn gaskets need to be replaced quickly in order to prevent further damage to your car.


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