What is Tire Rotation?

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The tires on a vehicle are rotated every so often to prevent any one tire from wearing down too fast, which can extend the life of the entire set of tires over time. Besides trying to get the most out of your set of tires, tire rotations will also maintain traction, prevent blowouts, and even boost up the gas mileage as you’re out and about in the Seattle area. Learn more below and if you need new tires, turn to our BMW tire center! Contact us with any questions as well. 

What Does Rotating Tires Mean?

Rotating tires mean that tires are being moved from one position on a vehicle to another. Generally, the front tires will move to the rear while the rear tires will move to the front. They may also change sides, so what was the rear left tire will end up as the front right tire— this is known as the tire rotation pattern. However, depending on what wheel-drive system (front-, rear-, and all-wheel drive) your BMW runs on, the pattern can vary significantly. Here are some tire rotation basics:

  • Most cars carry more weight at the front, so front tires will typically wear out faster, but the type of drivetrain your vehicle has will also affect the rate at which each tire wears down. 
  • For example, in front-wheel drive vehicles, power is sent to the front axle and wheels to produce forward motion. This means the front tires will wear down faster than they would in rear-wheel drive, all-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive models.
  • This also means that your vehicle’s drivetrain will also affect the tire rotation pattern, to ensure that no tire wears down too fast compared to the whole set of tires.

What Does Tire Rotation Do?

As we have talked about, tire rotations have many purposes, making it even more important that you need to keep up with your BMW scheduled maintenance. Some purposes include: 

  • Maintains Traction: When tires wear down, they lose tire tread depth. A loss of tread depth means traction is reduced, which can interfere with your ability to control the vehicle in certain situations. You want to ensure you have total control, especially when it rains in Seattle! Preventing uneven tire wear helps ensure that all tires have the same amount of tread.
  • Prevents Blowouts: Tires become more likely to fail as they get worn down. If you’ve ever had one blow out during your drives in Bellevue, you’ll know how annoying and potentially dangerous it can be.
  • Improves Performance: Tires working together that have uneven wear often produce vibration, which you’ll eventually feel through the steering wheel.
  • Maximizes Efficiency: Worn tires create drag, strain the engine, and increase your fuel consumption.

Come to BMW Seattle for All of Your Tire Care Needs

As a general rule of thumb, tires should be rotated every six months or every 5,000 miles to 8,000 miles— whichever comes first. Take a look your owner’s manual for model-specific information, and when your BMW is due for a tire rotation near Redmond, schedule an appointment online and bring it in to BMW Seattle. We will take care of it for you in Seattle! Make sure to check out our parts and service specials to see how you can save on your next visit.

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