Meet the All New BMW iX M60

First-Ever All-Electric SAV from BMW M Brand

The debut of the BMW iX M60 SAV begins a new milestone in the history of BMW M GmbH that started 50 years ago. Along with the BMW i4 M50, the BMW M lineup is entering into the segment of electrified high-performing luxury vehicles. Expect to enjoy the power and precise control of the electric all-wheel-drive, the highly responsive traction control system, and the suspension technology that includes a dual-axle air suspension with automatic level control on your Bellevue drives. Discover more about this new model with BMW Seattle below, including the BMW iX M60 price, range, and release date!

Specs Highlight: BMW iX M60 Range, Speed & More

With an anticipated BMW iX release date in June 2022 for the U.S. market, the 2023 BMW iX M60 is the brand’s first high-performance SAV designed for purely electric mobility. When you’re in Sport Mode with Launch Control engaged, you will enjoy a maximum power output of up to 610 bhp and 811 lb-ft of torque, hitting 60 mph from a standstill in only 3.6 seconds. Plus, with the unique M-enhanced adaptive dual-axle air suspension, you will unlock an outstanding performance experience in the world of emission-free driving near Seattle. As for the BMW iX M60 range, it’s currently 280 miles according to preliminary EPA estimates. 

Design Behind this High-Performing SAV

The all-new BMW iX M60 range and overall performance specs are impressive thanks to the well-thought design behind this model. This SAV’s two motors run on the principle of a current-energized synchronous machine, so the rotor is powered with a precisely metered supply of electrical energy. With this design method, the rare earth metals required for magnetic components can be distributed completely when manufacturing the rotor. This design will allow the motors, especially the rear one, to attain a high power density and the typical BMW M power that many Bellevue drivers love. 

Along with the M-specific design, the iX M60’s aerodynamic properties also enhance the SAV’s performance. The high-voltage battery is located low in the structure and within the wheelbase, lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity and ensuring agile handling as well as balanced weight distribution. Pair the ferocious straight-line acceleration and cornering dynamics together, and this SAV is born with perfectly balanced driving characteristics. Drivers will have clear feedback at all speeds as they will access a confident and nimble feel on the roads.

What is the BMW iX M60 Price?

How much will you have to spend to unlock a vehicle that has a concept geared towards sustainability, the design of a modern Sports Activity Vehicle, and thrilling dynamic driving characteristics?  The BMW iX M60 price is $105,100 MSRP with an additional $995 for destination and handling.  When the all-new BMW iX M60 release date approaches this upcoming summer, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of three worlds: the BMW i series, the BMW X models, and BMW M GmbH.

Learn More from BMW Seattle Today

Intrigued by this BMW model? Feel free to reach out to our team at BMW Seattle to learn more as we have updates! We can also discuss more in detail whether you’re interested in getting your hands on one in the Seattle area or you’re interested in experiencing the iX M60 in a test drive when it arrives in our dealership by June 2022.