LEED Certification

BMW Seattle StoreBMW Showroom's Sustainable Features:Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

BMW Seattle's Site

Site Selection: This project is located on an urban site that had been previously developed. Selecting a site with existing municipal infrastructure helps sustain existing water, sewer and roadway systems, while preserving greenfields in other locations.
Alternative Transportation: The project is proximate to a variety of public transit options and numerous community services. Bike rack and showers are provided to encourage staff to use alternative modes of transportation. (staff)
Brownfield: All three of the existing buildings on the site contained asbestos that was mitigated during their demolition.
Heat Island: A light colored roof reduces solar heat gain and helps to keep the building cool in summer months, while reducing overall energy use.

BMW Seattle StoreWater Use

Water Efficient Landscaping: Landscaped areas incorporate drought tolerant plants and use highly efficient drip irrigation to reduce water used for irrigation by more than 70% versus a conventional approach.
Water Use Reduction: Water fixtures inside the building include low flow toilets, urinals and lavatory faucets with sensor controls to reduce water use of the occupants and visitors by 40% over more conventional fixtures.

Energy Use

Optimized Energy Use: To reduce energy use more than 27% over the national benchmark for a conventional building of this type, the building was designed with thermal glass and added insulation to improve the envelope performance and efficient mechanical and lighting systems.
Enhanced Refrigerants: HVAC systems use environmentally friendly refrigerants to minimize global warming gasses released into the atmosphere.

BMW Seattle StoreMaterials & Resources

Construction Waste: Throughout the demolition of the three existing buildings and the construction of the showroom, 81% of the construction debris was salvaged or recycled and did not enter the landfill.
Recycled Content Materials: Through careful selection and sourcing, recycled content materials comprise more than 16% of the total cost of all building materials used (excluding mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems).
Local/Regional Materials: Attention was also paid to identifying local building materials providers so that 13% of the total cost of all building materials used (excluding mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems) benefits businesses in our region.
Certified Wood: To encourage sustainable forestry practices, more than 50% of the wood materials used on the project are Forest Stewardship Council certified.

BMW Seattle StoreIndoor Environmental Quality

Indoor Air Quality During Construction: The contractor employed numerous practices that are specifically intended to protect the quality of the building's indoor air by controlling dust, chemicals and particulates throughout construction. Measures included a non-smoking policy, protecting building materials from moisture and mold, keeping ductwork sealed, wet sanding and sequencing construction activities.
Indoor Air Quality Before Occupancy: To complement the many indoor air quality measures employed on this project, the entire building was flushed with fresh air to remove any lingering contaminants prior to occupancy of the building.
Low Emitting Products: Without exception, all of the adhesives, sealants, paints and coatings used on the interior of the building contained little or no volatile organic compounds to minimize any off-gassing of chemicals in the indoor environment.
Low Emitting Carpet: For carpet products, Green Label Plus certification and the use of low VOC adhesive ensure minimal off-gassing. In addition, the selection of carpet tiles optimizes future maintenance and durability by allowing tiles to be replaced individually as needed, promoting longer use and less materials ending up in the landfill.
Low Emitting Composite Wood: All of the wood products used for cabinet substrates, door cores and veneers were free of added urea formaldehyde.

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