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Lay Your Maintenance Worries to Rest at BMW Seattle

Once you are done with cleaning the differential with our team of expert mechanics, how do you get it all sealed back again? Some cars come with premade gaskets. However, if your car does not have these gaskets, you can use liquid gaskets that are designed to withstand oil exposure and harsh conditions.

Just use a single layer bead on the mating cover then make a circular shape on each mounting hole before bolting the cover in place. Ensure you use just enough force to clamp the bead and flatten it. Allow the gasket to harden as described in the…

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What Exactly Does Horsepower Measure?

With today’s technologically advanced vehicles, a term like “horsepower” can come across as dated or be hard for someone to understand just where the word fits when it comes to an automobile.

Simply put, a word horsepower is a unit of measurement. The term dates back to the late 1700’s when a Scottish engineer, James Watt, needed a measurement to compare the power of a steam engine to that of the workhorses of his day. Simply put, a 200-horsepower vehicle would equate to the “available power” available from 200 horses! So even in today's high-tech world...

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Why You Need Winter Wiper Blades

Driving in winter weather conditions in Seattle, WA brings with it many special considerations. Good visibility is especially important for your safety. When it comes to keeping your windshield clear in winter, your regular wipers may not be enough.

Regular windshield wipers often freeze up and stop working in winter weather. The cold conditions can also cause regular wipers to start to leave annoying streaks across your windshield, and the rubber on the blades can become weak and tear easily. Regular wiper blades are not strong enough to remove snow and ice from your windshield.

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The BMW X5 is a Luxury SUV With a Healthy Dose of ‘Sports Sedan’

Performance is a long-established hallmark of the BMW brand, found from models like the 3 Series right up to their SUVs and crossovers. But with the performance numbers of vehicles like the X5 running the gamut from 255 hp up through 567 hp, figuring out which model to choose may be a task. AutoGuide, however, suggests going with the most “balanced”—the xDrive35i.

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Hurry Up and Wait? Not with the All-New BMW 330e Plug-In Hybrid

While other car manufacturers will fill your ears and eyes with promises and images meant to intrigue and excite, the Bavarian automaker is actually delivering the plug-in hybrid that’s going to change the game, and you can climb behind the wheel of the BMW 330e iPerformance plug-in hybrid late this summer—not three years from now.

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This Seattle Driver Explains Charging the All-Electric BMW i3 On the Go

Seattle has been one of the earliest adopting cities for electric vehicles (EVs) and electric-vehicle charging infrastructure, but here at BMW Seattle, we still get some folks who are concerned about how, where, and when to charge their EVs when they’re on the go. Well, in order to help answer that question, BMW went right to the source: an actual owner of the BMW i3. This Seattle-based driver will show you how easy it is to find a charging station and get your vehicle charged while you’re out and about, check it out in the video below!

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Is It New or is It Certified Pre-Owned?

Only you will know the answer to that question once you drive it off our lot. Our Certified Pre-Owned BMW vehicles are subject to a rigorous inspection that is performed by a BMW-trained technician, going over everything from the performance of the engine to the function of the glovebox. So you can be confident you’re getting a vehicle that runs like a new BMW, looks like a new BMW, but bears the price tag of a CPO BMW.

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2016 BMW M2: Experience It Through Go-Pro

If you're a fan of the BMW M division, you've surely sized up the first-ever 2016 M2 by now. Based off of the new 2 Series, with the performance marque's swollen body work and beastly turbocharged engine, this is the kind of car that makes fans of the old 1M Coupe salivate in the best way. But if you're wondering what it feels like to drive, we have something special to show you.

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Seattle is the First Launch Site of BMW ReachNow Car-Sharing Service

Seattle recently had the honor of becoming the first U.S. city to see the launch of BMW’s car-sharing service, ReachNow. ReachNow represents a move toward the implementation of the strategy NUMBER ONE > NEXT, which states that the creation of customer-focused mobility services should be one of BMW Group’s central business fields in the coming years. Car-sharing services offer new forms of mobility for everyone, but especially so for those lost in the gray area between vehicle ownership and public transportation. Take a look at the video below for some more information.


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Treat Mother Nature Right with the 2016 BMW i8

When it comes to treating Mother Nature right, opting for a sports car isn't typically considered to be a great approach. Fortunately though, the 2016 BMW i8 is here to change that by putting the environment at the very forefront of its design. To find out more about this new BMW and how its shaking things up among its segment, take a look at the video below:

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