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Achieve Quiet Coyote with Entertainment Services from BMW ConnectedDrive

What's better than driving a high-performance, premium luxury sedan, coupe, or SUV in Seattle, WA?

Driving a new BMW model that doubles as a babysitter.

Because a new BMW doesn't just offer optimal driving pleasure. It offers the freedom of total connection--to the internet, to music, to social media, to maps and reviews, and even to the "Quiet Coyote" function on your kids. True story!

See how BMW's ConnectedDrive apps and services…

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Redesigning a Masterpiece: The 2016 BMW X1

How, exactly, does a manufacturer improve upon an already successful vehicle design?  It's not easy, but with the 2016 X1, the engineers at BMW have truly outdone themselves.  The main focus of the revamped X1's design was the interior's functionality.  The all-new version, set to hit the US in the fall of 2015, offers a driver-focused cockpit that provides more space and additional tech features.  Before we get into some of the…

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The Perfect Pony for Summer: 2015 BMW 2 Series Convertible

Ready for top-flight thrills in a drop-top dynamo?  Of course you are!  With summer fast approaching, we at BMW Seattle are certainly gearing up for some fun in the sun, too.

And with that said, we are eager to introduce you to the 2015 BMW 2 Series, a pack of ponies that were practically born and bred to frolic about in the warmer months.  Meet the convertible member of this fun family right here:


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Memory Lane Monday: Building a BMW 303

In 1989, Helmut Schlosser of Germany went to an antique auto market and his life was forever changed.  After uncovering a few integral pieces of a BMW 303, he made it his personal mission to build the car in its entirety.  For the next decade, Schlosser searched relentlessly for the proper parts of this rare and legendary vehicle.  The 303 was the first BMW to feature its iconic kidney-style grille and house a 6-cylinder inline…

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BMW Rolls Out Comical Commercial for 2015 X5

Boy, oh boy.  Our esteemed German automaker is most definitely bringing its A-game to the advertising world lately.  Their most recent series of spots features our superstar SUV, the 2015 BMW X5, and one seriously sassy senior.  Click "play" on the clip below to enjoy this side-splitting commercial:

Hilarious, huh?  What's no laughing matter, though, is this pony's potent powertrain.  The top-of-the-line xDrive50i, for instance, is fitted with a turbocharged 4.4-liter V8…

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Get in the Driver's Seat at BMW's Performance Center

If you're ready to feel the power behind an all-new BMW, check out the BMW Performance Center in Thermal, CA.  The center, which is home to the Performance Driving School, is designed to give BMW drivers an experience unlike any other.  Its purpose is to offer a variety of programs specifically designed to hone driver skills, such as maneuvering, hand-eye coordination and other road processing techniques.  Take a look at the video below to…

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BMW X4 Brings New Type of Crossover Styling

In Seattle, WA, drivers can explore in the city, or outside it for miles on end. They want a vehicle that is going to allow them to trek into the great unknown, and is unique, and luxurious in its own right. Enter the BMW X4.

The BMW X4 is a crossover with sedan styling, and it certainly has loads of appeal for those looking for something versatile, but keeping the classic sedan framing of new…

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All-new BMW 1 Series gives us more of what we love at BMW Seattle

If our team at BMW Seattle had to summarize the all-new BMW 1 Series in one word, we'd say "more." Ten years after its original debut, we get more of everything. Allow this video to explain.

If you're anything like us, you probably couldn't stop staring at the beautiful new series through that four minute clip, missing some bits of essential information. No worries, we're going to summarize the highlights for…

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The All-Electric BMW i3 and 21st Century Technology

Just 21 years ago, the Internet was catching on and former Today Show hosts Katie Couric and Brian Gumbel didn't know how email worked.

Today, the "newfangled idea" of the BMW i3 is the new technology to grasp, and the all-electric construction and performance of the new model has the former hosts questioning how it works. Check out the hilarious ad, which aired during the Super Bowl:

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Check Out the 1986 BMW 3 and 6 Series

BMW doesn't just build luxury cars that are built to impress--they build them to last. That's why every now and then, you'll see a classic model driving around our Anchorage, AK locale. They're so prominent, you might wonder what it was like to drive them when they were new. Recently, MotorWeek released a review of the 1986 3 Series and 6 Series.

Check out this blast from the past in the…

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