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How to Prepare for Safe Travels on the Road this Holiday

Planning for a safe holiday road trip is all about bringing along a few extra items that will come in handy just in case you run into some troubles with the car on the road. The following checklist from our staff at BMW Seattle will help you to pack the right items for that long holiday road trip:

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What Does a Tire Rotation Entail for Your BMW?

Your tires don't wear the same, were you aware of this? When the technician tells you that you need new tires, and you are scratching your head because you thought those tires were good for more mileage, there are things you could have done to solve that dilemma. There are actually a couple big rules of thumb, that can prolong you having to replace your tires be extending their life. Checking the tire pressure on a consistent basis can be very important and the large one; a tire rotation...

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Tire Service is a Maintenance Service to Do Routinely

When you are enjoying that smooth ride in your vehicle, you may not be paying mind to your vehicle’s tires. However, they really are an important factor to consider and to have checked every time your vehicle gets serviced.

Over time, the tread on your tires can wear unevenly creating not only undue stress on the tires themselves, but the uneven wear can actually cause misalignment in the vehicle...

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Buying vs. Leasing Your Brand New BMW

Have you come to a point in your life where you need to get a new car? If so, it is probably time to start thinking about your options. These options involve deciding between buying or leasing a car.

You may want to buy a car if you are looking for a way to build up equity. When you take out a loan to buy a car, you build up your equity each time you make a payment. Equity is important and can help you with purchases you will make in the future...

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BMW's xDrive Delivers Exceptional All-Wheel Drive Performance

The fall and winter months bring cooler temperatures and festive holidays, but they also bring more frequent precipitation that can cause wet or icy road conditions. The good news is that if you're driving a BMW with all-wheel drive, you'll drive with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle is prepared to handle whatever road conditions it may encounter. 
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The New 2016 BMW 5 Series Now Comes Standard with LED Headlights and Available Adaptive LED Headlights

BMW describes the 5 Series Sedan as offering the "perfect balance of elegant luxury, classic style, and of course, sporty performance." Now the BMW 5 Series can add innovative lighting technology to its list of attributes. One of the most distinctive features of a BMW are its headlights, a design feature that can be recognized anywhere as quintessentially BMW. Now the BMW 5 Series comes standard with four-eye LED headlights.
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BMW Films Returns with the Release of "The Escape," a Short Film Starring Clive Owen

Drivers have come to expect exceptional craftsmanship and world-class performance from BMW vehicles, but it may seem a little unusual that BMW is also getting ready to release a film on October 23. You read right, BMW Films is set to release a short film titled "The Escape" starring Hollywood veteran Clive Owen as a mysterious driver and Dakota Fanning as his co-star. 
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BMW Celebrates 100 Years of the Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW has offered drivers the Ultimate Driving Machine for 100 years, and the BMW Group is celebrating with the BMW Vision NEXT 100 live at Iconic Impulses – the BMW Group Future Experience; this tour to several major global cities including Munich and Beijing brings the BMW Group's "vision for future mobility" along with the company's vision vehicle, demonstrating the future of BMW automotive.   
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