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The New BMW 5 Series is the Epitome of Style and Class

Arrive in style with the BWW 5 Series. The BMW 5 Series is one of the most popular midsize luxury sedans in production, with good reason. The 5 Series combines the luxurious style BMW is renowned for with the performance and safety features discerning buyers demand.

The BMW 5 Series keeps you connected. Voice controlled technology allows you to navigate and communicate without ever taking your hands off the wheel. You can also listen to your favorite playlists and podcasts when you're on-the-go.

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Find Out Why the BMW 3 Series is the Most Popular Luxury Sedan in the World

It's no surprise that the BMW 3 Series is the world's most popular small luxury sedan, BMW has spent 40 years creating the perfect automobile. Sleek lines, a signature grille, and a luxurious interior make the 3 Series the ideal car for drivers who appreciate the finer things in life.

All BMW models have a reputation for being high-performance vehicles, and the 3 Series exceeds all previous expectations. With a 320-horsepower engine, superior handling capabilities and a fined tuned suspension the BMW 3 Series outperforms all of its competitors.

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Learn About the BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series offers full-size luxury performance vehicles that bring luxury, performance, technology together like an elegant symphony. Some models available are 740i and 750i, 740e, M760i, and Alpina b7 all with turbocharged v12 engines generating 320 to 600 horsepower capable of reaching 0-60 within 3 to 5 seconds.

All vehicles have active kidney grilles able to control the airflow ability to create a faster vehicle with better performance. The Sky Lounge mode gives options for dimming the light, activating the massage seats, turning on the heated armrests...

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Check Out the New BMW 2 Series

Sporty and fast, the BMW 2 series is ranked in the top 10 of small luxury cars, and it probably should be in the top 5 based on driver feedback. The BMW 2 Series offers all the value of a sports car with modern German engineering and sophistication thrown in. The exterior shows a refreshed design while the interior is sleek. The high-grade materials and new technology make it one of the top luxury cars under $40,000.

BMW 2 Series comes standard with a twin-turbocharged four-cylinder engine that's been tuned to put out 248 horsepower. You can always…

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Prepare for a Roadside Emergency

Even the best cars suffer malfunctions on the road. When your car breaks down, don't panic. Just put a smart preparation plan in action to address the situation. Taking a few safety tips into consideration helps with that planning.

With a mechanical breakdown, let a "safety first" theme guide you. Drive the car off the road or anywhere else safely away from traffic. When you can't drive the car off the road, move out of harm's way. If possible, use triangles and flares to make sure other drivers see your car.

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Does Your Car Need a Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment and rotation is important maintenance that must be performed on your vehicle every year. If you notice that your car is pulling to the right or left, it could be that your car is overcompensating for a wheel being out of alignment. This can lead to poor fuel efficiency and lack of vehicle safety.

You may also notice that your tires have strange wear and tear in different areas. If you notice that some of your tires are more worn than others, then you could have a wheel out of alignment as well. It's a simple fix…

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Signs Your Brake Pedal Needs to be Repaired

It’s easy to take for granted that your brakes are going to respond appropriately when you depress the brake pedal. When the opposite is true, perhaps a soft pedal, it’s time to have the system inspected. Improper pressure on your brake pedal is typically an indication that fluid isn’t traveling through the lines as it should. There are several possibilities for this situation.

One of them is that the lines have gotten air in them. That air is causing a bubble of resistance which won’t allow the fluid to flow. Sometimes, bleeding and refilling the lines…

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Be Respectful of Cars Parked On the Shoulder

If you have ever been stuck in the shoulder lane of the highway, you know how frustrating it can be. First, your car breaks down, and you have to somehow move over to the shoulder before your car stops. Then, while you're waiting for help, cars are whizzing past you at 70 miles per hour, only a few feet away. But what can drivers do to make this situation not as bad?

Move over when you see a car parked in the shoulder lane. It is bad enough that their car isn't working, but when other cars are…

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Lay Your Maintenance Worries to Rest at BMW Seattle

Once you are done with cleaning the differential with our team of expert mechanics, how do you get it all sealed back again? Some cars come with premade gaskets. However, if your car does not have these gaskets, you can use liquid gaskets that are designed to withstand oil exposure and harsh conditions.

Just use a single layer bead on the mating cover then make a circular shape on each mounting hole before bolting the cover in place. Ensure you use just enough force to clamp the bead and flatten it. Allow the gasket to harden as described in the…

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What Exactly Does Horsepower Measure?

With today’s technologically advanced vehicles, a term like “horsepower” can come across as dated or be hard for someone to understand just where the word fits when it comes to an automobile.

Simply put, a word horsepower is a unit of measurement. The term dates back to the late 1700’s when a Scottish engineer, James Watt, needed a measurement to compare the power of a steam engine to that of the workhorses of his day. Simply put, a 200-horsepower vehicle would equate to the “available power” available from 200 horses! So even in today's high-tech world...

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