The BMW name long ago became synonymous with quality. The manufacturers at BMW plants put great effort into creating impressive vehicles. The 3 Series Sedans are no different. These popular mid-sized vehicles stand out thanks to their unique and appealing features.

The 3 Series models all come with powerful engines. 255 HP on the xDrive Sedan goes 0 - 60 miles in about 5.3 seconds. Depending on the model, the power levels go up even further. The M340i presents an incredible 382 horsepower. Consumers interested in a powerful vehicle that offers a stylish exterior might want to check out the models in this series.

The exterior provides more than looks. The aerodynamic design contributes to better on-road agility. These models also boast of their highly tuned suspension system. Extensive road testing contributes to refinements.

Discover the awesomeness of the BMW Series 3 Sedans. Take one out for a test drive after visiting us at BMW Seattle.



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