The Sleek And Classy BMW 3 Series

BMW has long been the world's leader in the development and manufacturing of high-quality luxury automobiles. The 3 Series from BMW is fully-redesigned to bring you an even more outstanding driving experience. The BMW 3 Series includes sport sedans and wagons, and models are available to check out at BMW Seattle.

The redesign of the BMW 3 Series makes the vehicles a little lower to the ground for superior aerodynamics. The vehicles are also slightly wider, and overall body design is sleek and curvy. All of these elements combine to make the BMW 3 Series sedans some of the best-looking cars on the road.

The BMW 3 Series vehicles also have redesigned engines. The engines in the 3 Series are more powerful than ever. Sport tuning gives the engines increased acceleration. The M340i has one of the more powerful engines. This vehicle's engine produces up to 382 horsepower.



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