BMW 7 Series: Efficient and Sporty Sedan

BMW Seattle encourages local shoppers to sign up for test drives in the BMW 7 Series, a luxurious sedan with a contemporary German design. Some model options for this imported vehicle include the 740i and 750i.

The 3.0 L engine block in the BMW 7 Series is engineered according to the most recent TwinPower standards. This V6 turbocharged powertrain whips out a maximum of 335 horsepower. Every phase during combustion is also enhanced by the Double-VANOS technology, which primarily controls the vertical lifting and lowering motions of the valves. Additionally, the Air Breather System facilitates the exhaust phase.

The Brake Energy Regeneration function significantly boosts the gas mileage of this luxurious BMW sedan. When the brakes give off heat, this technology converts some of the energy into mechanical form for future usage. The ECO PRO Mode is another feature that increases the EPA fuel economy ratings of this luxury BMW model.



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