BMW 8 Series Coupe Overview

One of the newest luxury coupes on the road today is the BMW 8 Series. Its incredible features have drawn in thousands of car buyers to make the switch to BMW. That is why we here at BMW Seattle are so excited about the all new 2019 models!

This car has an incredible zero to sixty speed in just a mere 3.6 seconds. This is all because of an incredible 523 horsepower engine which also kicks out an impressive 553 lb.-ft. of torque. Additionally, this luxury coupe has an optional carbon fiber roof that will give it both a unique look and a reduced total weight which improves its handling. Finally, the 2019 BMW 8 Series includes all new LED headlights. Not only are these LED headlights brighter than traditional headlights but they also last longer. This means that over time, drivers will spend less on repair costs for their vehicle.



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