BMW X Models: Performance Uncompromised

Throughout the years, BMW has remained committed to providing the world with the ultimate driving machines. With the introduction of the X5 SUV in the late 90s, BMW showed the world that it was possible to have utility and versatility without compromising performance. The X series continues to present the spirit of freedom with the heart of a BMW.

The X models lineup for 2019 consists of six models named sequentially from the X1 to the X6. More than just mere size increments, each model specializes in providing a unique aspect of the driving experience for BMW enthusiasts to choose from. Each model offers utility, off-road capability, and spirited driving at a minimum. However some models, like the X1, X2, and X3, emphasize dimensions and features geared toward the city-dweller. Models such as the X4 and X6 offer raw sports car performance and styling with the added versatility of a spacious rear seat and cargo area. The X5 still reigns as the king of BMW SUVs, offering performance, luxury, and truck-like capability in a refined and regal package. You can discover the many features and find the right X-series for you at BMW Seattle.



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