Avoid Costly Repairs with a Full Fuel Tank This Winter

It is important to keep your vehicle topped up or better yet-always full of gas. By just keeping your gas tank full at all times or at least most of the time you will avoid some major and costly car repairs. This simple step is well worth it. By keeping a full tank, you'll prolong the life of your fuel pump substantially as well.

You will also avoid having your gas lines from freezing up. If your gas lines freeze up your car will refuse to start, and that is not a good scenario-especially in the middle of winter. So keep your gas topped up and avoid trouble.

Be sure to get your car winterized here at BMW Seattle too. By keeping your gas tank full, you will not only avoid running out of gas, but you will also prevent condensation from building up on the walls of your gas tank. Keep up with your maintenance needs at 1002 Airport Way S.

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