Lay Your Maintenance Worries to Rest at BMW Seattle

Once you are done with cleaning the differential with our team of expert mechanics, how do you get it all sealed back again? Some cars come with premade gaskets. However, if your car does not have these gaskets, you can use liquid gaskets that are designed to withstand oil exposure and harsh conditions.

Just use a single layer bead on the mating cover then make a circular shape on each mounting hole before bolting the cover in place. Ensure you use just enough force to clamp the bead and flatten it. Allow the gasket to harden as described in the instruction’s manual before tightening the bolts back to place.

You can learn more about how to seal back your housing and mating surface cover into place by talking to one of our experts at BMW Seattle. You will also be privileged to get see how different differentials work, and how to service your differential without having to take it to the mechanic.
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