Prepare for a Roadside Emergency

Even the best cars suffer malfunctions on the road. When your car breaks down, don't panic. Just put a smart preparation plan in action to address the situation. Taking a few safety tips into consideration helps with that planning.

With a mechanical breakdown, let a "safety first" theme guide you. Drive the car off the road or anywhere else safely away from traffic. When you can't drive the car off the road, move out of harm's way. If possible, use triangles and flares to make sure other drivers see your car.

Make sure your trunk contains things helpful in an emergency. A blanket, water, spare tire, and jack would be common items. Purchasing a quality roadside emergency kit to keep in the trunk as well.

Bring your car over to BMW Seattle for a routine inspection. We'll check it out and perform any necessary repairs designed to reduce the chances of a breakdown.



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