How to Prepare for Safe Travels on the Road this Holiday

Planning for a safe holiday road trip is all about bringing along a few extra items that will come in handy just in case you run into some troubles with the car on the road. The following checklist from our staff at BMW Seattle will help you to pack the right items for that long holiday road trip:

  • Pack a set of quality jumper cables just in case the car battery stops working.
  • Keep an empty gas can in your car just in case the vehicle runs out of fuel.
  • Bring a good working flashlight and pack a bunch of new batteries in case you are stuck on the side of the road in the middle of the night.
  • Take along a gallon of engine coolant to use if the car engine overheats.
  • Pack a bag with a variety of tools, road flares, and tire fix-a-flat.

If you're on the hunt to be fully prepared before your holiday travels, then visit our service team at 1002 Airport Way S for a car check-up too!

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