Get the Problems with Your Vehicle Fixed

There are many different messages that you can get in your vehicle. Most of them are minor, but some are more serious and require professional attention. If you need to get your vehicle serviced, be sure to bring it to us here at BMW Seattle so we can take care of the problem.

Some examples of the messages you may get include a lamp are out signal, or there is an ESP fault. That means that there is a problem with your vehicle's traction control and you should get it looked at. If you get a message that indicates that an oil change is due, your indicator light will go off as soon as you get it done. If your door is ajar or your gas cap needs to be replaced, you will also get the signal to go off by correcting the issue.

If not, you can always plan to come see us at 1002 Airport Way S and we can take a closer look in no time at all!

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